Memorial Website Features

You will be pleasantly surprised how powerful our tools are while still being easy to use with almost nothing to learn.

Yes, even you will be able to easily make a memorial website using our simple, intuitive tools.

Memorial Website Features
  • FastLaunch
  • Life Story
  • Custom Background
  • Multiple Editors
  • Select a Style
  • Make it Private
  • Memory Pages
  • Visitor Subscriptions
  • Candles
  • Share Pictures
  • Videos & Files
  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • Background Music
  • Easy to Share
  • Plenty of Storage

Get started in minutes with FastLaunch

Our FastLaunch wizard gets you started quickly and easily, in minutes.

Just fill out the FastLaunch forms with information about your loved one, and it does the rest by automatically generating customized content based on your specifications.

After that, you are free to add, edit and remove anything you want. You always have full control...we just make it easy.

There's simply no better way to understand all that can be done with an UnendingLegacy memorial website than to try it for yourself.

That's why we give you two full weeks to try it all out, with no credit card required.

So, please, take your time, see for yourself, then decide.