No one should have to bury their Mother, Father, Son or Daughter. Nobody should be forced to say goodbye to their spouse, their best friend, or their maid of honor.

But we do.

And with them we bury the lullabies they sang us to sleep with, that magic coin trick that always got us as a kid, the romantic honeymoon on the beach, and the smell of Swedish apple pie on Christmas.

Nothing can bring back a loved one, but you can honor their memory and preserve their legacy by making sure their impact on this world is never forgotten.

UnendingLegacy helps you ensure that their life, their memory, doesn't fade off into the black hole of history.

Instead, precious memories, pictures, stories and recordings are preserved forever and shared with family and friends around the world.

Memorial Websites by UnendingLegacy

A memorial website brings family and friends together after the loss of a loved one.

The perfect way to preserve memories, thoughts and stories.

It's unique and special, and UnendingLegacy makes it easy.

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  • Create Slideshows
  • Post Memories and Stories
  • Tell their Life Story
  • Light Virtual Candles
  • Add Music

The true value of a memorial website does not come from what you initially create.

In fact, our tools make it so simple to get started because we understand that launching the website is just to get the ball rolling.

The true value of a memorial website comes from how it connects family and friends both now and in the future.

The memorial website will start off with a flurry of activity. Family and friends will latch on to the idea and will love adding their memories, stories and pictures. And, everyone will love to read what everyone else has posted.

Then, over time, the demands of everyday life will inevitably return.

Days will come and days will go, and it might start to seem as if everyone has simply moved on with their life and that your loved one's passing is just a distant memory.

But then it happens.

You are probably just going about your day, checking your email as you always do, and you see a notification of a new virtual candle being lit for your loved one.

When this happens out of the blue, it is a truly special reminder that the world is still different, and that everyone hasn't simply moved on with their lives. It lets you know that the empty hole left by your loved one's passing is not just felt by you.

When this happens, it normally starts a domino effect of new candles, memories and other postings to the memorial website. You simply have to experience this to understand how touching and meaningful it is.

Sometimes this happens on special days like birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. Other times it just happens because you are thinking about and missing your loved one.

A memorial website is a unique and special way to keep their memory alive, and you will cherish it more and more as time moves on.