How does a Memorial Website work?

Step 1: Create a Member Account

The fastest and easiest way to understand how an UnendingLegacy memorial website works is to signup for your free member account and start your 2-week free trial.

Once you have signed up for your member account you can create your first memorial website right away.

Step 2: FastLaunch

When you first create a memorial website, it is largely empty.

This is where FastLaunch comes to the rescue.

FastLaunch is an exclusive, custom-designed tool which has a single purpose: To fully populate your memorial website with as little effort as possible.

It really is as easy as it sounds.

You simply proceed through several different forms, providing as little or as much information as you would like. You can even save and come back later, or get some other people to help you fill it all in.

When you are ready, simply push the big button, and FastLaunch goes to work, creating a fully customized memorial website using the information you provided.

FastLaunch is a remarkable tool which makes it trivial to include all sorts of information about your loved one.

  • What were their hobbies?
  • What phrases did they use all the time?
  • Where did they live throughout their life?
  • Who was a part of their family?
  • When did they graduate high school and what happened after that?
  • ...and this is just the beginning!

And, the best part is that FastLaunch does all the work for you.

You don't have to worry about what to include or how to phrase anything.

It's as simple as filling out a form.

Step 3: Customize

While FastLaunch takes most of the work out of creating a memorial website, you will quickly find that our simple tools let you take the website so much farther.

Don't worry, there is nothing to learn. We take great care to ensure that everything is intuitive and very easy to use.

If you don't like something, there's sure to be an Edit button close by that lets you change it.

You will definitely want to upload some pictures. And, again, we take all of the difficulty out of the equation.

Simply point to one or more picture files on your computer. When they are uploaded, they will automatically be resized (both in size and in pixel-depth) for optimal viewing over the Internet.

Once your have finished adding some pictures, you can use a simple drag-and-drop interface to organize them into galleries that can be viewed individually or as a slideshow.

You can even invite others to become editors, making it easy to gather photos from many different people.

Step 4: Share with Family and Friends

When it comes time to let family and friends know about the memorial website, we make that easy too.

Just provide a list of email addresses, enter a custom message, and we will send them an email with everything they need to know to view and contribute to the website. Plus, we send the emails in a way that hides the email addresses of all the other recipients.

Once you have launched the memorial website and shared it with family and friends, it will start to take on a life of its own.

You will be notified as visitors light candles or post to a memory page.

Activity will come and go in spurts (especially around holidays, anniversaries and birthdays), and it's always nice to receive one of these emails out of the blue, letting you know that someone else was thinking of your loved one.

Each new post usually starts a domino effect of new postings, and this is truly special each time it happens.